Mis fotos hot aqui !!!!

 Hi I'm from Colombia I want to tell you what happened in my cumpleaños..soy a brunette with big breasts and a very noticeable back and my 18 years was still virgen.tengo a friend gus and some time ago began to touch my butt and breasts, lost no opportunity. The day of my birthday saw a movie (it was night) it was very cold and we were only in my home with two friends, Gus and I were cuddled with a blanket over him and he covertly take my hand which was on his chest and delicately begins to lose my hand to his penis, try to resist but he beat me strength, and I started suddenly to feel that something felt in his pants and was my hand handled by him about his penis ... the time after my other friends went to sleep and we were alone. The moment they disappeared in the darkness he stands up and pulled on me ... starts kissing my neck and getting on her blouse ... try to stop him but it was impossible ... but there came a time when he stopped and me he looked at those brown eyes and began to unbutton his pants and my excitement began to emerge when gus turned to get on top of me did not put resistance and started to kiss him and get even the shirt while he dasabrochaba my pants ... came a time when both are in their underwear and whispers in my ear gus have condom, to which I answer no and then he tells me so ... I feel nothing more. I pulled the bra and started to get off the boxes ... and I see his penis was very big and thick, after this gus me out the panties and put his penis at the entrance of my vagina and begins to be pressure until I go completely ... it was the best night of my life thanks to him

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